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Since I started in 2006, teaching has always been my passion. I offer each of my students special treatment, attention, patience and a tailor-made teaching programme matching his or her needs, interests and time availability. Over the years I have been trusted by lawyers, doctors, bankers, architects, engineers, IT experts, university lecturers and students. Whether you are preparing for a job interview, daily work interaction, the IELTS exams or travelling, if you work hard, we will reach excellent results together. I hold a Master of Arts in English with Language and Linguistics from the University of Aberdeen as well as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification. I regularly revise my teaching knowledge and methods through professional online courses. Teaching is my true passion and hopefully you will share my enthusiasm.


  • Master of Arts in English with Language and Linguistics
  • TEFL certified
  • Proven results
  • Hundreds of happy customers: please check out my feedback section
  • 10 years' teaching experience with students of all age groups
  • Creative and authentic teaching materials tailored to your needs
  • Flexible teaching methods adapted to your interests, preferences and time availability
  • Fast results
  • Truly enjoyable lessons in a great atmosphere that will put a smile on your face and improve your speaking confidence!


I listen attentively to my students' needs and goals. I will create a simple study plan that will closely reflect not only your learning objectives but also your interests. It has been proven that we learn more quickly when we are authentically engaged. Together we will master those skills which are most relevant to your success.


Whether you're studying for an exam or trying to improve your business English, I'll provide you with  a wide range of easy exercises that will help you improve in no time! I can also show you the best apps and tools available online if you'd like to improve faster.


Have you done hundreds of grammar gap-filling exercises but still find yourself not able to say a single word in English? Let's change that today! If you want to become more fluent in speaking, good news is that practice makes perfect. Try out my conversation-based lessons right now.


Are you sometimes so stressed that you forget about the most basic things? This had been the case for many of my students. However, my method will put you at ease and very soon you'll see that speaking English can be simple and fun. Imagine yourself speaking fluently in various life situations. I believe with a little practice you can do it!


One-to-one lessons
​If you've decided that group courses are not your thing, let me show you that studying English at your own pace with a tailor-made programme is what will help you improve dramatically. If you're looking for fast results and wish to study only those things that will be useful in your life, one-to-one tuition is exactly what you're looking for. Let me create a step-by-step study plan that will be motivating to you 
Phone lessons
A perfect solution if you are a busy professional constantly on the move and struggle to find time for studying. Phone lessons offer the greatest flexibility, as you can take them wherever and whenever you choose. Speaking over the phone is actually beneficial, since you're able to practise in real-life conditions. How often do you need to answer a client's call or make that important telephone conversation in English? Let's improve your phone conversation and general English fluency together! You won't believe how easy and fun it is! 30 minutes' lessons are the most efficient and convenient format. The price includes feedback on the mistakes and extra exercises sent by email. 
In-company courses
Telephone conversations? E-mail writing? Presentation or sales skills? Active participation in meetings? Make sure that your employees practise those skills that they need the most in their day-to-day tasks.  I have offered Business English lessons to a wide range of professionals in leading multinational companies in Rome and Luxembourg. Let me use this experience to make your employees communicate successfully and your company thrive.
English tuition
Is your son or daughter struggling to achieve the deserved results at school? An experienced teacher who is able to find the right way to motivate your child can work wonders! Making the teaching more personalised and tapping into the student's passions or interests is the key to his or her academic success. In my career I have successfully taught 16 different classes with pupils aged 6-18. I have also succeeded in improving grades of my numerous private students.
Online WebEx lessons
Great for those who want to save travelling time while achieving top results of one-to-one tuition. WebEx is a great tool which contains a whiteboard as well as a chat. Not only all your mistakes can be corrected in real time on chat, but I can also type up any new expressions for you, so that you can sit back, relax and focus on speaking English. I'll take care of taking notes.
Special requests
I can help you get ready for a job interview or prepare a work presentation in English. I also offer CV and Personal Statement proofreading services. Please do not hesitate to contact me. 
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  1. Thanks a lot for the precious lessons you gave me. If I'm doing a good job in studying English is because you taught me the way of thinking that I needed to improve my English significantly. Each lesson was for me a soak in the culture of the language that I was learning and I really appreciated this aspect of our lessons. Despite we always had lessons at the end of a long working day, you have always found arguments for lessons tailored to my interests and have made our lessons always exciting and enjoyable.
  2. I have done only three lessons with Anna. However, with such a great teacher, this was enough for me to achieve my aim. I was stuck with the IELTS test; I needed a score of 7 in each of the four parts of the test but I couldn’t manage to get over 6.5 in writing. So, I asked her help for the writing task. In those three lessons she has been able to point out my mistakes and give me some very good advices. So, I finally passed the test with the score I needed. Very recommended!!
  3. Hi Anna, I very much appreciated your way of teaching and I hope to see you soon for a new course. I haven’t got any suggestions for you because I think that everything was perfect. I’ve considered this course very useful and I’m sure that it will be important for my job and for my life. Thank you very much and all the best! See you soon!
  4. Ho chiesto ad Anna una mano per la preparazione per la certificazione IELTS. Le sue lezioni sono state indispensabili per i miei miglioramenti. Lezioni leggere e divertenti e, allo stesso tempo, ben organizzate e mirate alla realizzazione degli obiettivi predisposti. In più, Anna ha una grande capacità di mettere le persone a proprio agio che mi ha aiutata molto ad essere più sicura nello speaking e a non aver paura di sbagliare. Insomma, un vero mix di professionalità e divertimento per ottenere dei risultati concreti ed immediati!
  5. A great teacher able to transmit her enthusiasm to everyone, making it easier for us all to follow the lessons. The best approach to teach a different language. I fell in love with her method! Thumbs up!
    Maria Grazia
  6. Pros: -teacher energetic and goal oriented -well weighted topics: the right balance between business English and other stuff -each student feels involved in the conversation but the teacher knows how to cut back on digressions Cons: Nothing relevant
    Daniele Bufoni
  7. Ho preso ripetizioni di inglese da Anna per prepararmi a un colloquio per un dottorato di ricerca. Ho trovato molto utile l'importanza attribuita durante le lezioni alla conversazione, accompagnata da spiegazioni di grammatica. Ho apprezzato molto la capacità di Anna di spiegare le regole e gli usi della lingua in maniera estremamente chiara, le informazioni da lei fornite sulla cultura inglese e le riflessioni che insieme abbiamo elaborato sulle differenze tra la cultura italiana e quella inglese. Oltre alla capacità di insegnamento di Anna ho apprezzato il suo carattere solare, la sua estrema gentilezza e la sua grande disponibilità.